Andrea's Story

I am aware that I have been taking up much of your time, Joshua, which could be used for others in need. Therefore with this understanding, I am happy to send you this email which is to be used for your website. I have so much faith in you and your work.

The First Spell

The first time I had contacted you, I just wanted my husband to love me so deep again, and to be my best friend. His plan was to move out and I didn’t want him to go.

I tried everything before the spell. Talking, marriage counselling, different sexual activities, begging and pleading and crying. I even tried to cast my own love spell. I sent him emails during the day, I held him at night hoping he holds me back. I spoke to his parents, bought him gifts, I even paid for everything including the house, the car, and everything for the kids.

But nothing worked, which is why I turned to you, Joshua.

I waited in anticipation for my day of casting to come. There was a build up of events prior to the spell casting, which apparently was due to the first exploratory spell you cast before you accepted my case. When the casting was done, our love intensified so much.

A Setback

As I read somewhere on your website, you work on a fire found within ourselves and use that flame to start the fire of love in our person of interest, and that is exactly what happened.

Our love did not die, but the world got to us, and in that, we lost a bit of our love and failed to work on that fire that was lit, therefore things went south.

Relighting The Fire

I contacted you, and you responded to me swiftly with advice and reference to your website.

31st December was the day I last spoke to my husband, until two days before my casting was due he made contact to let me know that he was off to another region for a few days and came by my house to say goodbye to our kids. He ended up saying goodbye to me too… and then he left.

The next evening, I received a message from him saying he had arrived safely… and then it all started again.

We are back into communicating, he’s telling me he loves me, and what he will be doing for me when he gets back like make me breakfast, spoil me…


The point that I would like to stress is that Joshua is a real person, not an automated machine or response. In order for a spell to work and for Joshua’s work to in fact work, you have to not only trust the process, but also believe that you will receive the desired outcome. Try not to stress yourself out, as too much negative energy could result in a negative outcome.

Reading Joshua’s website thoroughly also helps you to prepare for the casting. In that alone, it provides much needed assurance to know that you have come to the right place for help.

To you Joshua, I never doubted you from the start. I am not certain if it’s the fact that my son shares the same name as you do. But I absolutely appreciate your work, I appreciate you, and I only wish that I could have met you in person.