My Love Spell Process

If you’ve read through the front page of this set, you’ll know that my love spells harness the power of morphic fields. These little-known energy fields permeate every atom in the universe. Indeed they work at a sub-atomic level. Yet for something so small, their power is immense. 

Universal Energy

Morphic fields are one of those things that we know exist, but we have a hard time demonstrating. It’s a bit like dark matter and dark energy. Scientists know it’s there, but it works on a level so much lower than we are able to detect directly with current instrumentation, that we can’t just look and point. Instead, scientists infer the presence of these things by looking at their effects. It’s a bit like how you can’t see the microwaves flying around in your microwave oven, but you know they are there because cold food goes in and hot food comes out. Dark matter, dark energy, and morphic fields can all be inferred by their effects on things we can easily detect and measure.


Einstein knew all about this kind of energy. One of his key insights was how sub-atomic particles are connected, which is called quantum entanglement. What’s fascinating is that this connection between particles works regardless of distance. Two particles can be entangled, separated by the diameter of the planet, and yet they can be shown to communicate. What happens to one, affects the other. More to the point, this happens instantly – there’s no delay. It happens faster than the speed of light. Don’t worry if this all sounds a bit mind-bending, or even impossible – even Einstein had a bit of trouble with it; he called it “…spooky action at a distance.”

Putting It To Use

All this theory is all well and good, but how does it help us and how does it let me cast fantastically powerful love spells?

I’m a spell caster not a scientist, and I’m not going to pretend I understand the finer details of quantum mechanics. So I can’t tell you precisely how I use them to do what I do. 

You may be wondering how I can use them at all if I’m not an expert? Let me ask you this: do you understand the inner workings of the microprocessor that is powering whatever device you are using to read these words? Could you explain every step in the chain of events that has take these very words from a memory chip in a data centre somewhere, encoded them into binary and transmitted them through a complex network of cables, routers, possibly satellites, and eventually reassembled them into pixels of light on the screen you are looking at now? Chances are, probably not. I know I couldn’t! But that didn’t stop me typing them into a keyboard and posting them to my website, and it doesn’t stop you from using your device to read them.

It’s the same thing when it comes to morphic fields. I don’t need a doctorate in quantum mechanics to be able to use them. My forty-plus years experience is far more important.

I was lucky. In my late teens I found myself, as so many people do, in a sticky relationship situation (that wasn’t the lucky bit, that came next). I knew someone who had a bit of a reputation for being able to help out in these kinds of things. He was something of an ‘Obi-Wan’ character, a local oddball that most people kept away from unless they needed his help. I did, so I asked for his assistance. He said he wouldn’t fix my problem for me, but he agreed to show me how I could help myself. He initiated me in the basics of morphic field manipulation.

It worked brilliantly.

So brilliantly, that this man took notice. He told me I had a natural aptitude for working with morphic energy. Some people are good at math, some people are good at sport, some are good with animals. Turned out I was good at manipulating morphic fields.

So good in fact, that this man (who is sadly now deceased) urged me to learn more. He told me he’d never met anyone with such a natural way with the fields, that it was a gift and that it was my responsibility to put it to work. And he said it was his responsibility to teach me.

Thus began my long, long path to becoming a professional (now semi-retired) spell caster. My mentor taught me everything he knew, and without wishing to sound like I’m ringing my own bell, I soon surpassed the limit of his knowledge. But like any good mentor and coach, he continued to work with me, guiding me and helping me hone my skills. 

Creating Love

Okay, so how do morphic field love spells work? The theory is quite simple. First we need to understand what love is. When it comes down to it, love, like any other emotion, is a chemical reaction within the brain. Anger, happiness, despair, joy, all emotions are the result of chemical secretions in your head. I know it doesn’t sound romantic, but it’s important to understand that at its very core, love is a biological response.

That means that it can be created by external intervention. 

We create other emotions all the time by external intervention. The most common methods of external emotional intervention are (probably) drinking coffee, alcohol, smoking, and listening to music. These actions release feelings of joy, calm, or even excitement. In the case of alcohol, as more is consumed, more emotions are created – usually passing from light euphoria to eventual depression (alcohol is a known depressant).

Love is a bit more of a complex emotion, and you can’t just drink something to feel it (sorry, but love potions don’t exist in the real world). Besides, consumed interventions (drink and drugs) only have temporary effects. We need to create something lasting. 

A Connection

The first step in a morphic field love spell is the creation of a connection between the person who has asked for the spell (which if you are reading this, is probably going to be you) – we’ll call them them the source, and the person they are in love with – we’ll call them the subject.

When you request a spell from me, I take your name and date of birth, and those of the subject. Names carry intense energy; they are labels we carry from birth. I can use your names to ‘locate’ your energy within all the life energy that flows around us (yes it’s a bit more complicated than that, but this is an overview). Dates of birth help me narrow it down, because lots of people often have the same name. Even then, there may be overlapping names and birthdates, but I can always find the right one because the source’s desire for the subject shines in the universal energy field like a beacon, one lighting up the other. Once I’ve found you both, I set to work building a connection between you.

Mirroring The Love

You can think of the connection as being like an invisible cable that connects you to the subject. As we know, morphic fields are based on quantum entanglement, so this connection is instantaneous. I can use it to mirror your emotions within the subject. Specifically, I engineer it in such a way as to mirror your love within the subject. They quite literally start feeling your love for them, but because it’s happing within them, they feel it as their own. And because that love comes from you, they experience it as love for you.

Is It Real?

Now you might be thinking, okay, is this real? Isn’t it just a fake emotion? And the answer is a resounding no, because love is, after all, a biological response. It exists or it doesn’t. There’s no such thing as fake emotion. Any emotion you feel is, by definition, real

An almost perfect analogy is the use of IVF to become pregnant. In the case of IVF, a fertilised egg is placed within a womb. The process gives nature a helping hand. When the process works, a foetus comes into existence – a real, living human being. There is nothing fake about that person. They will develop, be born, and grow up as any other human being. The means of their creation is immaterial to everything that happens to them.

So it is with the spell. I give nature a helping hand. I ‘kick-start’ the process of falling in love by mirroring the source’s love within the subject. Once that’s in place, my work is done. Nature takes its course… The love grows stronger and stronger, until the subject can no longer ignore it and feels compelled to take action. Voila – they reach out and, in some way or another, make their feelings known.


Like so many things in life, the simple things often work the best. This process is, essentially, quite simple. I take your love and put it in the subject. The more you love them, the stronger they will love you. Even now, more than forty years after I cast my first spell, I still find the process magical. Seeing people reunited, or united, falling in love and being happy, is joyful in a way that’s hard to describe. If you are considering a spell, I hope that I get to help you too, and that you too get to feel the euphoria of unification with the person you love so dearly.