Casting Love Spells on Celebrities and Influencers

One of my conditions for agreeing to perform a love spell casting is that it will not be on a celebrity. That includes ‘influencers’ like YouTubers or Instagrammers. Why not? For three main reasons.

A Fiction

Firstly, they are probably not the person you think they are. 

Most people in the public eye project a carefully cultivated image. This is especially true of the latest breed of influencers. They are a brand – often one that has been created specifically to appeal to a certain demographic. It’s one of the reasons we fall in love with them – they were created to appeal to us.

In some cases their public image is just a heightened, polished version of the person they really are. They hide their imperfections, both physical and otherwise, and they exaggerate their better qualities. In many cases, they are a completely fictional persona, created specifically for the stage or screen.

I have some first-hand experience here. I’ve worked with several well-known celebrities who have asked for my help with their own relationship problems. In talking with them and getting to know them a little, I have seen for myself the great gulf that can exist between the persona they project to the public, and the real-life person they are. I’m not saying they are unpleasant, or that they are bad in any way – they are perfectly nice people. But they are not who you think they are.

So although you might truly believe that you are in love with a celebrity or influencer, you have more likely fallen for a fictionalised version of them. If I were to bring you together with a spell, you would be disappointed by the reality.

Unrequited and Unrequitable

Secondly, from a purely practical point of view, the chances are that the celebrity does not know you. If I were to cast a spell on them, they would fall in love with you. And they’d have a problem, because they wouldn’t know who you are. 

That means they would feel a love that they could not direct at you, or indeed anyone. They would feel a great yawning emptiness, an unrequited love that can never be fulfilled because they wouldn’t know who it was for.

To put them in that position would be deeply unfair on them. It would also make the whole exercise futile because you could never get together.

You may be thinking, But Joshua, I know this celebrity – I’ve messaged them and sent them my photo. Yes, it happens, especially with influencers. But that brings me to the third and final reason why I do not accept castings on people in the public eye.

You Are Not Alone

Celebrities have many, many admirers. The very fact of their fame or notoriety means they are desired by a huge number of people. The more famous they are, the more they are desired.

If I were to accept every request to cast on a celebrity or influencer that I receive, I would be casting on the same people time after time. Evidently, it would be very unfair on everyone concerned. The poor soul would be falling in love left right and centre, most of the time with no idea who the love they were feeling was even for.

Take Heart

I completely understand that my stance may be disappointing. You are in love with someone and here I am refusing to even consider your case. I get it. But please consider my first point above; they are most likely not the person you think they are. Admire them, enjoy their work, and sure, fantasise a little if it helps. But know that it can only ever be a fantasy.