Candy's Story

I guess I should start by telling you how I first met Nathan. We actually met in Central Park. I was doing yoga on the grass. There weren’t many people around. I’m quite self conscious, so I chose a place that was quiet. Then this guy showed up and put down his bag right next to my stuff and he started warming up. He was cute, but I was kinda annoyed he was there. He had a good body though, and it was cool to watch him as he started working out.

He called over and said something like, “Hey you’re really good at that.” I forget exactly what it was. I said thanks. He was fishing for a compliment but I didn’t give him the pleasure — haha! Anyhow, he kept on working out, doing presses and thrusts and all that.

When I was done with my yoga and was drinking some water, he called over again and asked if I wanted to get a proper drink sometime. I was so surprised I said, okay, why not? I thought, this sort of thing doesn’t happen to me — I should make the most of it. I’m no supermodel, but I’m not an Ugly Betty either. I’m just…kinda…normal?

He handed me his phone and asked for my number, so I put it in, and then got out of there because I could feel my face getting red.

Nathan Chases

He called me that evening and said it was Nathan. I said Nathan who? Even though I knew damn well who, because I didn’t know anyone else called Nathan so it had to be him!

He asked me if I wanted to go for that drink. By then, if I remember it right, I was getting nervous so I said sure, but not tonight, maybe next week. I figured he wouldn’t call again. But I was wrong. Nathan called me up two days later, then the next day and the next. Each time we talked for a bit longer. He told me that he worked for a bank, that he had been to the park to work out again and was disappointed I wasn’t there. He asked what I did and I told him (I’m a teacher). He said that was cool and that I must be a superhero because all teachers are superheroes. I remember that bit because it stuck in my mind.

With all these calls I started to feel more comfortable talking to Nathan, so after a week I agreed to go for a drink with him. And that is how we got together. By the end of the month we were sleeping together, and by the end of the year we were almost living together. I kept my apartment, but I spent most of my time at his place. He had a really cool condo, being a rich banker and all!

Good Together

We were good together. I met his friends and liked them. I thought all bankers were, well, a word you probably don’t want to publish on your website, Joshua! But they were nice. Nathan got on well with my friends and family too. I thought my future was all mapped out. I could imagine marriage, a dog, kids, all that.

Only then it all went wrong.

A Very Public Ending

I knew something was up because Nathan took me out to this fancy restaurant. We ate at a lot of restaurants, but this was a real special one. At first I thought, this is it, he’s gonna ask me to marry him. Then I saw something in his eyes and I knew I’d got it wrong.

In that restaurant, surrounded by people so I couldn’t cry or make a fuss, Nathan told me he was moving to another state. It was work, he said. He had no choice. He wasn’t breaking up with me, he wanted me to come. But he must have known I wouldn’t go with him. You see, my father has Alzheimer’s and since my mother died years ago I spend a lot of time looking after him. That’s why Nathan knew I could never agree to move to another state, and he knew it meant that whatever he said, he was kinda breaking up with me.

He said we’d still see each other. He said we could Skype every night, and that he’d come back for weekends. Every weekend? I asked. Not every weekend, he said. He’d be working a lot of overtime so wouldn’t be able to come back every weekend. I couldn’t hear any more of this. I didn’t care if he didn’t want me to make a scene, by then I was crying so much I couldn’t see his face anymore. I got up and ran out of that restaurant.

That was the last time I saw Nathan.

Life Changes

For a long time anyways.

He sent flowers to my apartment. He called me all the time but I wouldn’t take his calls. The only thing I wanted to hear was that he was staying, but I figured if he’d decided to do that he could text me to tell me, or show up at the door. He never showed up.

When he moved away, he had all my things from his condo sent over. That was it. He was gone. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to mope around my apartment on my own and feel sad, so I moved in with my dad and spent all my time looking after him.

That didn’t stop me being sad though. I was still thinking of Nathan all the time. Was he thinking of me? It seemed unlikely — he had stopped calling. All I had since he moved away was a card with his new address. I kept an eye on his facebook, and within a couple of months he started posting pictures of himself out with another woman. I was devastated, Joshua.

Ordering The Love Spell

That’s when I decided I had to take action. It was pointless moping around feeling sorry for myself. If I wanted him back, I was going to have to do something positive. So I got in touch with you and asked if you could help.

Because Nathan was still posting pictures of this other woman, I decided time was of the essence. I needed action now, so I went with your regular paid spell casting. You did my spell two days later. Man, I gotta tell you, I felt the energy when you cast that. I felt hyped, buzzed, but relaxed all at the same time, a bit like after a really good yoga session! The next day I felt this kind of inner peace, like I knew everything was gonna be okay.

Things Start To Change

The first sign the spell was working came on Nathan’s facebook. He took off all the pictures of that other woman, and changed his relationship status from it’s complicated back to in a relationship. Did he mean me?

The answer came a week later, when the biggest bouquet of roses I’ve ever seen in my life turned up at my dad’s place (how did he know I was there and not at home? I never did ask him!) The card said, “Thinking of you always. Love, N.” That was a good sign, right? Still, thinking of me wasn’t enough. I wanted him back. And me moving away was still out of the question. It was hard not to call him, but I dug in my heels and waited.

The next week he turned up on the doorstep. He had more flowers (not as big as the last bouquet, but hey, they were lovely all the same). He asked if I could ever forgive him? I asked if he was moving back. He said, if that’s what it takes. He said Candy, you’re worth more to me than any job. I should never have moved. Can it be like it was? That’s all I wanted, but I knew as well that we’d always be different now. I hugged him and told him to come in.


I made him take it slow. I think part of me was worried he didn’t mean it, even if he thought he did, if that makes sense? I was worried he’d change his mind. But he didn’t change his mind anymore, Joshua. You know what he did? He asked me to marry him. I said yes, but not yet. I said he needed to prove he wasn’t going to run away again because I didn’t want to end up divorced.

We’re living together at his new apartment now. It’s right near my dad’s place so I can still see him and help him every day. We’re really happy, and that’s thanks to the spell. Next year, if all goes well (and I’m pretty sure it will), we will get married.