Fran's Story

Me and Chad were high school sweethearts, we met when we were 15 years old. He asked me to the prom, which came out of the blue. He was one of the most popular guys in school, but he had never given me a second glance. Or so I thought. Turns out he had his eye on me but I didn’t know that at the time.

Anyhow, we went to the prom, and it was the best night of my life so far. We spent the summer together, we were inseparable.

After school finished we stayed together for two years, but eventually as we grew up we drifted apart. I guess it happens all the time.

Other Guys

I didn’t really think about Chad for years after that. I met other guys, had other relationships. I guess he did too. In fact I know he did too, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I had a long relationship with one guy called Gary, and we were even talking about kids. I thought he was the one, but while I was trying to get pregnant, he left me. I took it badly. I felt like a complete failure. I couldn’t give Gary the babies he wanted, and now I was alone because of it. That’s what it felt like anyhow.

This is the part where you’re probably thinking that I got in touch with Joshua because I wanted Gary back. But I didn’t want him back. After some counseling and therapy, and a lot of tear-filled drunken nights with friends, I came to see that if Gary had really loved me, not getting pregnant wouldn’t matter. We just weren’t right for each other was all.

Done With Men

I decided I was done with men and would stay single. If I couldn’t get pregnant then I was only going to disappoint anyone else who came along eventually.

That lasted for about 18 months, until one day I bumped into Chad.

He hadn’t changed a bit. If anything, he was even more handsome. He seemed really pleased to see me, and I was really pleased to see him. I didn’t have any romantic feelings or anything like that, after all, I was completely over men.

We went for a coffee and caught up on the last few years. It didn’t take long for the old feelings to come flooding back though. Chad was handsome, caring, he was interested in me, in what I wanted in life. In short he was everything that Gary was not. It was hard not to fall for him, although that happened later when he invited me to dinner at his place. I thought, hey why not? I was even up for spending the night if that’s how things played out. Not for a long-term relationship you understand, just for some fun with somebody who I liked a lot. What harm could it do? We’d been together years before anyway.

All Dressed Up…

So I got myself dressed up for the first time in ages, make up, hair, everything. Standing on Chad’s doorstep I felt excited and happy for the first time in a long time.

You can imagine my surprise when his wife opened the door.

No, he hadn’t mentioned that he was married.

Chad arrived behind her beaming from ear to ear, obviously very proud to show her off. This is Mandy, he said, and she looked just as pleased with herself.

…With Nowhere To Go

The evening was awkward to say the least, and I couldn’t wait to get out of there. In fact, I used an app on my phone to make a fake phone call to myself which gave me a excuse to get out early. Chad was disappointed and asked when we could meet up again. I caught something in his wife’s eyes when he said that, just for a second, and I wondered if their marriage wasn’t as happy as they had made out.

Well, I figured if Chad wanted to come after me, he knew where I was now. And I admit I kind of hoped he would.

But he didn’t.

In a perverse way, seeing him happy with Mandy made me want him even more. It made me admit to myself how much I had missed him over the years, and that if I really thought about it, I had always been comparing my exes to Chad. Nobody else has ever measured up, and now Chad was back on the scene only I couldn’t have him.

What was I going to do? I could hardly pursue him publicly given he was happily married. I tried to be subtle, sent messages, asked if he wanted to meet up for a drink after work. He said yes, he and Mandy would love to meet up.

Bloody Mandy. As long as she was around I didn’t stand a chance. She was prettier than me, better dressed than me, and from the little conversation we’d had, she had a better job than me. I guess she was more fertile than me as well. Chad had it all, and I had nothing.

Yet still I had this nagging feeling that they weren’t that happy. I knew I could make Chad truly happy, just as I had all those years before.

Enter Joshua

That’s when you came into my story, Joshua. I figured I had nothing to lose by trying a spell. At first I was looking for a spell to remove Mandy from his life. I wanted to break up spell, but you explained about break up spells not being real.

It was another blow, but you also said that it didn’t matter because a regular love spell would have the same effect. I was very relieved when you said you’d help me, Joshua. And even more happy when you wrote me and told me you’d finished to spell and everything was on track.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

I’ve read some of the other stories on your site since you cast my spell, so I know that it will come as no surprise that things started to get worse before they got better.

You told me it was best to leave Chad alone and let him come to me when he was ready, but I couldn’t resist trying to provoke him into action. I texted him again and asked if he wanted to meet for a drink, and he wrote back and said he didn’t think that would be a good idea and that we probably shouldn’t see each other anymore. I asked why. He said he was a married man and it wasn’t fair on Mandy.

This was new. At first I took it badly, like a rejection. Then I thought about it, and it struck me that if Chad didn’t want to see me because of Mandy, it was because he couldn’t trust himself around me. And you know what, Joshua? That is exactly the situation. I know that, because about two or three weeks later, Chad texted me and said he had to see me.

He came to my place, alone. He brought a bottle, but we never got to open it. He was all over me before I’d even shut the front door. I can’t stop thinking about you, he told me. You’re all I think about day and night. You’re so in my head it’s unreal.

We got physical first, and talked later, and that’s when he told me I was right about that other message — that he knew he couldn’t help himself around me.

Happy Ever After?

I was ready for my happy ever after, but there was still the problem of Mandy. Me and Chad carried on an illicit affair for about a month before he plucked up the courage to tell her he was leaving her. I know the spell helped him to do that, because I could see his love for me was getting stronger by the day.

He admitted to me that things with Mandy were, as I suspected, not as perfect as they’d made out. She loved him deeply, but he felt something was missing from the relationship. I asked if it was me, in a joking way, you know? He said no, it wasn’t me. At least not to start with. It was only later that he fell in love with me all over again.

That was the spell, Joshua. Your magic did the trick.

I can’t thank you enough for helping me. I went from being sworn off men, to being with the man I had always loved, even if I hadn’t always admitted it to myself.

Unfortunately Mandy was an innocent third-party in all of this, and yes Chad had to leave her. I felt bad for her, but as Chad had said, they were not as happy as all that, so even if the spell hadn’t happened, he would have left her sooner or later anyway, just for somebody else. So while I feel sorry for Mandy, the spell only brought forward the inevitable.

Thank you again for all your help, Joshua, and I hope my story helps or inspires other people.