Lindy's Story

Thank you Joshua! You are a life saver.

I had been with my love for what feels like my whole life. Like any couple we’ve had our ups and downs, but we love each other unconditionally. In the years we spent together we have broken up for a couple of days, spent time apart for work or other projects, but never have we broken up for even one week.

So when my love packed up and left after the last argument stating he couldn’t take my shit anymore, I was devastated.


I went through all the stages of grief. Hanging on to denial like my life depended on it. I waited at home not daring to leave once for basic needs just so I didn’t miss him if he came by to get the last of his things; random things I knew weren’t important to him but I refused to believe he was really gone.

A few weeks later I had cried myself dry. I wouldn’t eat or sleep and he wouldn’t call, answer a call or text, or acknowledge my existence when he would see me as I “accidentally” ran into him. I was beside myself, lost, confused and had given up on life.

I remember thinking, how did I allow him to have all this power over me? There is more to life than one man. But I felt my entire being had been ripped away (later I discovered twin flame).

So to make a long, long story short, I contacted Joshua and when he agreed to take my case, I was beyond happy. I was also impatient and wanted to do anything to speed up the process. I was able to get a slot that was within days. Thank goodness.


Joshua cast my spell and I knew immediately. I was astonished. Feelings of anger fear and rage were replaced with overwhelming love. Randomly whenever I thought of him I felt this overwhelming, giddy love. The thing is I didn’t know the spell was in the process of being cast yet. I was in such distress that I was unaware of the dates and times of day. So the day my spell was cast I was unaware.

Joshua sent me an email conformation the next day and I had already begun seeing results. My love had stopped being cold, less distant. He was mean at first, I was worried. Joshua told me things would be worse before they would be better, and this was a combination of both. He was acknowledging me at least.

“I Love You”

Then came the “I love you” calls and text. See he was with another woman for a time. I had spoken to psychics to confirm this, and was comforted by the fact that it wasn’t sexual but some sort of obligation. Something that still makes me uncomfortable to think about.

Anyway, within two weeks of my spell being cast my love has returned to me.

We are working through things of course. Realize the spell can only take you halfway where you want to be. You must believe, you must be positive and surround yourself in positive energy and thoughts to get you where you really want to be. I know it was hard for me. Thinking of him with someone else and still being positive that the spell would work. But I knew that my love was strong enough.

Now be willing to put in a lot of work once you are back together because as I said before the spell and the return of your love is only half the battle. Are you willing to change? Is your love? What sacrifice are you willing to make our love isn’t?

Praying you all get the love you deserve. Trust Joshua.