Lucy's Story

Before I came to you, I tried doing my own love spells. The first one was with a candle. I inscribed the initials of my intended into the side, lit the candle, and chanted his name the whole time it was burning. It took nearly four hours and by the end I’d lost my voice. You know how if you say the same word too many times it loses its meaning? It was like that with this chanting. By the time I was done his name had no meaning. It messed with my head. And it didn’t work.

Take Two

The next spell I tried was one of those honey jar ones. I’ve since read your page about how those are pointless, but I didn’t know that at the time so I went through all the routine and everything. It took ages. I got my hopes up. Absolutely nothing happened.

I should probably say for anyone reading this that my intended was a guy I knew from night school. I knew him but only in the school situation and from going for drinks with the other students after class. We’d never spent any time together just the two of us. You might think it’s impossible to fall in love with someone under those conditions, but we saw each other three times a week or more, and spent hours in the same space, and we talked and laughed together and got to know each other well. Just because there are other people around all the time doesn’t mean you can’t fall for someone, and I had fallen hard for him.

Take Three

After the first two spells didn’t work I looked for something more powerful. I read forums and stuff (note to anyone reading this: don’t bother. It turns out the people who post in the forums don’t know sh*t). Someone said for a spell to work it had to include part of my intended. Not like a finger or a hand or anything weird like that, but some hair or saliva or even blood or…other bodily fluids. I would have loved the opportunity to get my hands on some of his other bodily fluids, but that wasn’t happening and that was the whole problem. So I decided my best chance was to get some of his hair.

Turns out getting someone’s hair without them knowing is real hard. I thought I could find some on the chair he used at night school, but then I realized other people use that chair during the day. How could I be sure any hair I found would be his? I didn’t want to make some rando fall in love with me.

I couldn’t pull any hair out of his head either, because that would be weird, right? All I could do was wait another couple months until the weather turned and he started wearing outdoor coats to school again. One evening the perfect opportunity came up. We’d all gone on for drinks after school, his coat was hanging over the back of his chair and he’d gone to the bathroom. While the others were chatting among themselves I ‘accidentally’ dropped my purse on the floor. I was sitting next to my intended, so as I bent down below the level of the table to get my purse, I quickly examined the collar of his coat. Luckily there were a few hairs stuck to it. I grabbed a couple, shoved them into my purse, and was done just before he came back.

The spell was a weird ritual. There were more candles, chanting, writing down symbols, and the hair. After waiting so long to be able to do it I had had time to think about this whole magic thing some more and I was losing faith in it. Maybe that’s why the spell didn’t work. Maybe my lack of faith stopped it. Or maybe, more likely, it’s because I had no idea what I was doing.

Take Four

I had all but given up on magic, but I figured I’d give it one last go. The holiday season was coming and I didn’t want to spend Christmas alone again. So I was back to the forums and Google and whatever. Which is how I came across your site.

I’d looked at having someone cast a spell for me before, but they all looked like they were scammers or they wanted money or both. I don’t have a lot of money (it’s why I’m going to night school, to get a qualification so I can get a better job), so I’d ignored them all.

You were different, Joshua. Everything I read about you said you were the real deal. It seemed too good to be true, but I thought about Christmas on my own and I made up my mind — I wouldn’t do another spell myself, I’d ask you to do it.

You agreed to help me, which boosted my spirits. When the day of the spell came I was due to see my intended at night school. You said it took all day and all night to cast the spell, so whatever time I saw him I knew the spell would be happening. I was disappointed when he showed up to school and nothing looked different about him. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I guess I was expecting something. As it was, the evening was exactly the same as any other, nothing remarkable at all.

Patience Is Rewarded

By the time I went home I was wondering if this spell was real at all, though I couldn’t figure out why you would claim to cast a spell then not do it. The next morning I read your report and you said that the spell had gone well and now I had to be patient and let the love build.

The patience was hard, but I’d waited so long that some more time wasn’t a problem. It was like waiting to get his hair again.

At first nothing happened at all. But then there were little signs. Nothing huge, no sudden declarations of love (spoiler: that came later). The first signs were little looks and glances I caught. He’d look away when he saw I noticed, but he was definitely looking at me more.

The biggest sign came when he suggested we go for drinks after school. Now I’ve already told you that this was something we did regularly, but we always did it as a group and it was never him who initiated it. And we never went out at the start of the week, only the end. Well this was the first night of school of the week and he asked me if I wanted to go for drinks. I looked around at the others but most of them had already gone. There was something about his expression that made me think he didn’t want them there anyway. So I agreed. And then, just to ruin it, the girl who sat next to me piped up and said oh great, she’d love to go for a drink too.

So our first ‘date’ involved three of us. Fortunately my desk neighbor got the hint soon after we hit the bar. My intended couldn’t keep his eyes of me, and I guess she realized she’d misinterpreted the situation so she finished her drink and made her excuses to leave.

It Finally Happened

The rest of the evening passed in a blur. We talked for hours, until we were the last ones in the bar and we were politely asked to leave. As were about to go our separate ways, we kissed. A proper sloppy kiss. And we arranged to see each other again a couple days later.

So that’s how it started. We’ve been an item since then. We got together literally just before Christmas. Our relationship started so intensely that it felt right to spend Christmas together. It was only the two of us — my intended thought it might be a bit much to introduce me to his family at Christmas time.

After all those false starts with my own spells, I was ready to give up on magic, but your spell really worked, Joshua. I can’t thank you enough. I should have given you my story sooner, but with everything it’s been…intense — in a good way.